Empower IT Systems is a one-stop for all HR services in various verticals. We provide strategic solution framework, which are based on a thorough understanding of your business and requirements. We ensure clear understanding of requirements, target platform and automised and flexible approach to rapidly deliver business value. We assist clients in writing an accurate job description and provide insights on current /existing optimum salary ranges in the market.

We maintain a flexible sourcing strategy that is tailored to each client as per their specific industry and requirements. We assign Recruitment Consultants based on their expertise, industry knowledge to provide insights and Best fit candidate as per client’s need. We realise this clarity through conceptual and technical model, to ensure a shared vision and enhance business efficiency and productivity of our clients.

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Quality
  • Response time
  • Reduced risk
  • Cost savings
  • Expertise
  • Insight
  • Customized Solutions

In the dynamic market today your workforce is growing and new employees to start making an impact on project and branding. Our experience in permanent staffing services can tap into a vast global network of reliable talent, who meet your unique need. We have access to candidates at every level across industries on latest technologies, who have the potential to become permanent assets for your organization. EITS can help in your staffing by sourcing and recruiting the best candidates on challenging roles quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Permanent Staffing

  • Combination of conventional and non-conventional techniques Analyzing Client Requirements
  • Detailed assignment briefing and fully validated testing procedures
  • Access to client thoroughly screened, qualified and interested candidates
  • Satisfying the clients on Experience, Position, Salary, References, Joining confirmation
  • Carrying out permanent staffing in short duration of time
  • We look for candidates who are skilled enough to move up the corporate ladder

We recruit for your needs and takeover all your Management and HR hassles. Temporary employees are on our rolls as per standard contractual procedures. We reduce administrative burden and handle payroll, personnel administration, remittance of statutory payments, employee’s statutory compliance like registration under, gratuity, ESIC, PF etc., reducing your hiring cost.

Benefits of Contract Staffing

  • Hire staff for short/long term.
  • EITS offer quick turnaround.
  • Hire staff for peak loads in the work cycle.
  • Hire only specific expertise staff needed.
  • Reduce training & administration cost.

This employment model provides with an excellent opportunity for the client to have on-time cost-effective recruiting of the candidates with required industry skills for critical tasks for a specific time period
Contract Staffing gives an edge to the employer to test the skills of the candidate for a temporary period of time and if they are satisfied with the candidature can offer them a permanent role
We are proud to provide high quality professional, and top-notch technical employees suited for your organization. We ensure that the individual’s capability, proficiency and work-related philosophies synergies and congeal with your corporate culture as well.

Payroll Outsourcing involves Payroll Management. If you have thought about reviewing internal processes, streamlining back office functions or are aiming to reduce operating costs, your organization could benefit from Global Solutions Managed Payroll Services. In simplified terms, by implementing Managed Payroll Services, Global Solutions becomes the surrogate pay office for your organization, taking responsibility and accountability for the provision of payroll services.

The Payroll Services provided by us include

  • Salary & Benefits structuring consulting
  • Payroll processing
  • PF & ESIC
  • Standard Reports & MIS
  • Employee query handling
  • Pay slips e-mailing
  • Tax Computation

Without the right recruitment solution in place for in high volume requirement, hiring quickly becomes costly and inefficient. You need a Recruitment Process Outsourcing specialized partner who can transform recruitment into a strategic advantage. EITS pivoting experience and knowledge with competitive talent markets, building innovative recruitment strategies, and developing an overall hiring process can be of helpful in scaling business growth.

Benefits of RPO

  • Consolidated and consistent processes.
  • Flexible and scalable service.
  • Reduced time and lower fixed recruitment costs.
  • Increased productivity and Skilled Manpower
  • Low Attrition of Recruited and Higher Morale.

We identify unique, hard-to-find talent for executive and professional-level positions as well as those requiring special attention or confidentiality. Our Experts recognize the critical talent needs to match your company’s unique culture and match the candidate’s technical skills and individual personality to satisfy on all measure and quality of hire. These are the positions that create a unique difference to our customer's business success.